Our pockets speak louder than our voices.


We Bank Black, We Buy Black works to create opportunities for financial literacy education and promotes conscientious spending practices that uplift the black community.


We Bank Black, We Buy Black envisions a strengthened black banking network capable of financing equitable opportunities for black businesses; this helps create sustainable communities by diversifying spending opportunities. Fortifying our resources can build generational wealth within the black community.


We Bank Black We Buy Black was started by a group of Tuskegee alums who were deeply upset and frustrated about how the police killings were going unpunished.  The more they discussed this issue, the more other issues of systematic racism started to come up. After a series of fruitful conversations, it became glaringly clear that economics was one of the common denominators of all of these problems. It was decided that there needed to be a movement focused on shifting forward thinking consumers to black owned banks and businesses. This action has the power to fuel the engine of change in the political and economic environment. This organization would be completely focused on educating and encouraging consumers to speak with their pockets.